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29 Sep

Gilpin Travel Celebrates the Rugby World Cup!

In true Rugby World Cup sprit the team at Gilpin had fun decorating the office in support!  Teams were drawn from a hat and office pod’s decorated and themed! Lots of fun and laughter had by all.

Team South Africa:

1317243417_Zulu Hut.JPG          1317353467_WITCH HUT.JPG  

Team Japan:

1317331648_jap boys good.JPG          1317243435_Japan.JPG

Team England:

1317243451_England.JPG         1317354316_england footy.JPG

Team Argentina:

1317243459_Argentina.JPG          1317353005_argenitna faces.JPG

Team Georgia:

1317243443_Georgia.JPG          1317352928_georgia faces.JPG