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18 Aug

Travel Blog by Alicia, Corporate Client of Gilpin Travel.

Travel Blog by Alicia, Corporate Client of Gilpin Travel

1314218716_P1010858.JPGEkaterinaburg was lovely, its much more developed than Ikurtsk and is a developing small (1.3 Million) city. This place actually had 60% footpaths haha any improvment on any other town thus far. Though the weather was a bit average I did the full Romanovs tour as below and went to a traditional Russian Opera one night ( -not very exciting but if your interested. The theatre is crazy cheap in Russia my ticket was $9 for a seat front and middle, it is a very common thing for the russian people to do and there are theatres everywhere.

-Visited the Church built on the site where they were executed in Ekaterinaburg
-The site where the bodies were actually found
-The Russian Orthadox Monastry built on the original well site where the bodies were first dumped and the church believe is the final resting place of the Romanovs  for those who dont know about the Romanovs

There are 7 beautiful churches at the Monastry all made of wood in the traditional style, ha and they all have pots all over the roof to help with the acustics. It was incredibly beautiful.