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3 Jun

Club Med in Bali

Tales from the desk of Katy Juretich - Gilpin Finance Team

Hi Everyone

Weather amazing, so hot and humid! After 9 hours flying on Monday arriving into Club Med was all worth it! Monday arvo arrival, swim to cool off then cocktails by 5:00pm! The food here is amazing so much to choose from, early night as all were feeling a little jaded. Up early of course, hit the gym good thing as ate way too much Monday night, i think in my 45 minute workout i sweated out 2kg! Quick sight inspection of the resort, which is a must, as it is huge and the surroundings are just so tropical and lush. Quick change into the bikini as by 10:00am it hit 32 degrees, 11:30am aqua aerobics in the pool so of course had to try that out!

Lunch, with a wine... and it's only Tuesday! Booked into the spa this arvo for an 80 minute all over massage and foot massage, out by 4:00pm to hit the trapeze with the rest of the group and then booked in for the sunset cruise coming back in time wait for it.... dinner and more food, did I say amazing?!

Tomorrow am up for an early group power walk then more time lazing around the pool.

Sold on Club Med already! Hope all winter warm there!

Day 2

 Another day in paradise, woke to light humid rain, did a power walk along the main track that runs past all the hotels along the beach and then back to the luxury of air-con in the gym. Breakfast was lavish, everything is so tempting and that mind what you eat plan has gone right out the window. Gave the trapeze a go yesterday and i can be honest and tell you all that along with being a huge adrenalin rush i've never been so scared in my life! Listened to exactly what i was told to do and go my legs up and over in a swing position and landed back to ground saftely! Resort staff here are so friendly and go out of there way to help. Archery this afternoon.

Took a quick cab ride to Kuta to check out the distance and see how much the place had changed... not much still the hustle and bustle and every second store was either Nike, Quicksilver, Roxy, etc etc... some bargains but very similar to home prices i thought just the variety is so much more.

Now back at the resort, and yep lunchtime! Afternoon plans are to laze around by the pool, think since it rained this morning it is even more hotter today.

will send more pics tomorrow, internet very slow.... must be on Bali time.

Wait till you see the pic of my hair!! I gave up on the straighteners and went back to being a curly blonde... so much easier!



Day 3

Think the days and nights are just getting hotter, yesterday arvo it poured down for about 45minutes not long after i had the photos taken facing the beach, it was a nice welcome to another hot day! Tried out the archery, enjoyed that, great thing about this place is that if you want to try out new things the variety is certainly here, and the G.O's are so knowledgeable and helpful that it is definitely worth giving things ago.

Just a few shots of our group; Kaarin our Club Med host with moi, she is amazing always on hand to help. Took a shot of the quiet pool, you can go here if you wish to get away from the main pool, no talking just whispering! more a couples area but great if you wish to have some quiet time together.

Keith got some golf in, am up for that game when i get back!