Gilpin Travel Rewards

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At Gilpin we have real expertise in loyalty/rewards programmes. Managing Director, Keith Sumner, has designed programmes for large and small companies to drive and reward customer behaviour.

We will;

  • Understand your motivation for wanting to reward your customers
  • Custom design our Travel Rewards programme to ensure your goals are met.

Case Study: The Viridian Club

Aim: To incentivise and reward Viridian’s key customers for stocking Viridian products and increase sales/profitability. Secondary to this was to improve debtor collections.


  • Individual web pages
  • Monthly data upload
  • Monthly newsletter
  • Promotional calendar
  • Rep look up ability
  • Concierge redemption service
  • Lower costs vs ‘catalogue’ programmes
Viridian Case Study Viridian Case Study Viridian Case Study Please visit the Gilpin rewards programme to find out more about a rewards programme that works.